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Power Campus is all about POWER and AIX. We want to support you in using POWER systems and AIX. We have offers in three areas:

1. AIX-Talk: In a series of videos we discuss interesting topics for you. In addition to topics of daily AIX administration, more advanced topics such as POWER virtualization or PowerHA administration are covered in detail. The videos can help with further education, but also with specific tasks.

2. Tools: To simplify the administration of managed systems and LPARs, we have developed the command-line based LPAR tool. With this you can manage any number of LPARs and managed systems centrally from the command line in a simple and, above all, fast way. We also offer useful tools for OS update and OS migration.

3. Consulting: Of course we can also support you on site if required.

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LPAR tool

The LPAR tool allows the administration of any number of LPARs, managed systems and HMCs from one central system (AIX, Linux or MacOS). The software can be installed as a package and is available immediately.

The benefits of the LPAR tool:

  • Create and manage LPARs.
  • Administration of virtual SCSI, NPIV, SR-IOV and vNICs.
  • Manage Shared Processor Pools.
  • Administration of virtual-I/O-servers.
  • Extremely fast: most commands only take a fraction of a second.
  • Easy integration into automation scripts or cron jobs.
  • Also provides output in JSON, Stanza or YAML format.
  • Tasks that require hundreds of commands on the HMC can be issued with a single command by the LPAR tool.
  • Easy to use, thanks to a simple and consistent user interface.
  • Detailed online help available.
  • User manual in German and English.

Testing the LPAR tool:

The LPAR tool can be downloaded and tested free of charge from our download area (https://powercampus.de/en/download-2). The most recent version has an integrated test license. This allows use for up to 10 HMCs, 100 managed systems and 1000 LPARs.


Documentation for the LPAR tool is available in the form of PDFs.

There are also a number of articles available. These demonstrate the use of the LPAR tool on a variety of topics.


The following presentations are available:


We have created a series of videos on the LPAR tool. These demonstrate how easy and effective it is to work with the LPAR tool:

Further Informations:

We offer the LPAR tool in the form of annual subscriptions. The price is graded according to the number of LPARs (the graduation starts from 10 LPARs). The price for the annual subscription includes a license to use the LPAR-Tool, updates of the LPAR-Tool, and software support.

You are interested and you have further questions? Contact us via info@powercampus.de.


For our customers, the following email address is available for support inquiries: support@powercampus.de

Alternatively, the support form from our website can also be used.



AIX Talk is about videos about AIX administration, PowerHA clusters, and power virtualization. The videos are divided into the following categories depending on the topic:

  • Daily Administration (about 20 videos, about 15 hours)
  • Advanced Administration
  • Basic Virtualization
  • Basic PowerHA
  • Advanced Virtualization
  • Advanced PowerHA

In the area of ​​”AIX-Talk Free” some videos can be viewed freely.

Access to the videos in one category can be purchased for a period of one year. The videos can then be viewed as often as you like during this period. In particular, you can freshen up your knowledge by watching videos you’ve already watched at a later date. Likewise, it is natural, if you are faced with a specific task, to watch the corresponding video (even several times) which explains how the task can be performed.

For corporate customers, each user must be specified separately and unlocked. In particular it is not allowed that an account is used by more than one person.

The Daily Administration category is complete and is available for purchase.

Inquiries and orders: info@powercampus.de