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Power Campus is all about POWER and AIX. We want to support you in using POWER systems and AIX. We have offers in three areas:

1. AIX-Talk: In a series of videos we discuss interesting topics for you. In addition to topics of daily AIX administration, more advanced topics such as POWER virtualization or PowerHA administration are covered in detail. The videos can help with further education, but also with specific tasks.

2. Tools: To simplify the administration of managed systems and LPARs, we have developed the command-line based LPAR tool. With this you can manage any number of LPARs and managed systems centrally from the command line in a simple and, above all, fast way. We also offer useful tools for OS update and OS migration.

3. Consulting: Of course we can also support you on site if required.

Contact: info@powercampus.de





look also at powercampus01.com