Patch Automaton

The patch automaton can easily perform OS updates (TL and SP updates within the same major version). The patch machine performs the following steps one after the other:

  1. Unmirroring the rootvg to get a free hdisk.
  2. Using the freed disk to create altinst_rootvg.
  3. Removing all fixes from altinst_rootvg.
  4. Updating the OS on altinst_rootvg.
  5. Installation of fixes for the new OS version.
  6. Changing the bootlist to point to altinst_rootvg.
  7. Reboot of the system.

The patch automaton is modular, the steps may also be performed individually, own additional steps can be executed as well .

In the simplest case, with the availability of a properly configured NIM server, the OS update only consists in starting the command AIX_update without any further arguments. The machine then searches for the latest available OS level (same major version) and updates to this version.

AIX-Talk: AIX Patch Automaton

  • Demonstration of the AIX Patch Automaton