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Das Kommando history

Die aktuelle History kann mit dem Kommando history nicht nur angezeigt, sondern auch bearbeitet werden. Dazu gibt es eine Reihe von Optionen für das Kommandos „history“. Eine kurze Beschreibung der Möglichkeiten lässt sich mit „help history“ anzeigen:

[user01@aixe01 ~]$ help history
history: history [-c] [-d offset] [n] or history -anrw [filename] or history -ps arg [arg...]
    Display or manipulate the history list.

    Display the history list with line numbers, prefixing each modified
    entry with a `*'.  An argument of N lists only the last N entries.

      -c        clear the history list by deleting all of the entries
      -d offset delete the history entry at position OFFSET. Negative
                offsets count back from the end of the history list

      -a        append history lines from this session to the history file
      -n        read all history lines not already read from the history file
                and append them to the history list
      -r        read the history file and append the contents to the history
      -w        write the current history to the history file

      -p        perform history expansion on each ARG and display the result
                without storing it in the history list
      -s        append the ARGs to the history list as a single entry

    If FILENAME is given, it is used as the history file.  Otherwise,
    if HISTFILE has a value, that is used, else ~/.bash_history.

    If the HISTTIMEFORMAT variable is set and not null, its value is used
    as a format string for strftime(3) to print the time stamp associated
    with each displayed history entry.  No time stamps are printed otherwise.

    Exit Status:
    Returns success unless an invalid option is given or an error occurs.
[user01@aixe01 ~]$