LPAR-Tool in Action

The videos demonstrate how easy it is to administer a PowerVM environment with the LPAR tool. The administration of HMCs, managed systems, LPARs and VIOS is possible with simple and intuitive commands.

LPAR-Tool in Action: Adding Memory (ca 10 Min)

  • Adding memory to an LPAR (lpar addmem)
  • Removing memory from an LPAR (lpar rmmem)
  • Status of LPARs (lpar status)
  • Show current amount of memory (lpar lsmem)
  • Show available memory on managed system (ms lsmem)

LPAR-Tool in Action: Console Session (ca 10 Min)

  • Öffnen einer Console Session (lpar console)
  • Schließen einer Console Session mit “~.
  • Schließen einer bestehenden Console Session (lpar rmconsole)

Creation of Link Aggregations with the LPAR-Tool (ca 10 Min)

  • List Link Aggregations
  • List candidates for a Link Aggregation
  • Create a Link Aggragation
  • Migration of the IP configuration from the  physical interface to the Link Aggregation
  • List all interfaces
  • Remove a Link Aggregation

Creation of Shared Ethernet Adapters (SEA) with the LPAR-Tool (ca 10 Min)

  • List the SEAs
  • List candidates for a SEA
  • Create a SEA
  • Migration of the IP configurtaion from the physical interface to the SEA
  • List all interfaces
  • Remove a SEA