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Virtualization with PowerVM

The Hardware Management Console



Network Connections of a HMC

Administration Tools





Types of HMCs


x86 vHMC




Cabling the HMC

Cabling a 7063-CR1 HMC

Cabling a 7063-CR2 HMC

Creating a VM or LPAR for a vHMC

Creating an LPAR for a POWER based vHMC

Reinstalling the HMC

Reinstallation with HMC Recovery Image

Installing a vHMC (PoverVM) with V10R3M1050 recovery image

Installing an HMC with V10R3 Network Images

Setting up the HMC

Screen, Language and Keyboard Settings

License Terms

The Guided Setup Wizard

Manual Setup via the HMC CLI

The Baseboard Management Controller (BMC)

Setting up 7063-CR2 BMC​

Configuration of the Shared Network Port 0

Configuration of the Dedicated Network Port “M”

Virtual Media for 7063-CR2

7063-CR2 Firmware Update with OpenBMC GUI

Download the Firmware from Fix Central

Check the Installed Firmware Versions

Updating the Firmware

Connecting Managed Systems

Connecting a Managed System (FSP) as a DHCP Client

Configuration of (r)syslogd

Adding a Remote System Logging Destination

Changing the syslog Filter for a Remote Syslog Destination

Removing a Remote Syslog Destination

IBM Electronic Service Agent (ESA)

Managing Customer Information

Administrator and System Information

Account Information

Call Home Configuration

HMC with direct Internet Connection

HMC without direct Internet Connection (with SSL proxy)

Enabling Call Home on HMCs

Enabling Call Home for Managed Systems

Connection Monitoring

Data Replication between HMCs

How Data Replication Works

Example: Peer-To-Peer Replication between two HMCs

Enable Warnings when manually changing replicated Data

Download Fixes, Service Packs and Release Levels

Selection of Fixes, Service Pack or Release Level

Login with the IBMid

Download Options

Download with the Download Director

Download using FTPS or SFTP

Download with the Browser (HTTPS)

Appendix: HMC Attributes