Patch Automaton

The patch automaton can easily perform OS updates (TL and SP updates within the same major version). The patch automaton performs the following steps in succession:

  • Unmirror the rootvg to gain a free disk.
  • Use the free disk to create an altinst_rootvg.
  • Uninstalling all fixes in the altinst_rootvg.
  • Update the OS in the altinst_rootvg.
  • Install fixes for the new OS version.
  • Change the bootlist to the altinst_rootvg.
  • Reboot the system

The patch automaton is modular, i.e. the steps may also be performed individually, e.g. have your own additional steps carried out.

In the simplest case, with the availability of a correspondingly configured NIM server, the OS update only consists in starting the AIX_update command without any further arguments. The automaton then searches for the latest available OS version (same major version) and updates it to this version.