Administration of PowerVM,

made easy.

The complete administration of all LPARs and managed systems with only 4 commands. Available for AIX, Linux and MacOS. Extremely fast: most commands only take a fraction of a second. Easy to use and therefore usable without in-depth PowerVM knowledge. It has never been easier to administer PowerVM.

Developed in C ++

lpar console
lpar status
lpar create
lpar lsvslot
vios help
Functional Range
output formats

DLPAR operations made easy

All types of DLPAR operations can be performed quickly and easily with the LPAR tool. The current profile is automatically adjusted by default. Are you synchronizing the current profile? No problem either, the LPAR tool automatically takes this into account.

lpar addmem
lpar addprocs
lpar addslot
lpar addfc

Virtual-I/O-Server Administration

The administration of virtual I/O servers is also very easy with the help of the LPAR tool. No matter whether NPIV mappings, shared Ethernet adapters, link aggregations or VSCSI, the daily doing can be done completely via the LPAR tool. No more annoying logging in, no switching between padmin and oem_setup_env.

vios lsnpiv
vios vfcmap
vios fcstat
vios mksea
vios lssea
vios seastat

You would like to test the LPAR tool?

The LPAR tool can be downloaded free of charge from our download area (https://powercampus.de/en/download-2) and tried out. The latest version has an integrated test license. Which allows use of up to 10 HMCs, 100 managed systems and 1000 LPARs.


Documentation for the LPAR tool is available in the form of PDFs.

The documentation is also available in German.


The following presentations are currently available:



We have provided a number of videos on the LPAR tool. These demonstrate how easy and effective it is to work with the LPAR tool:


Further Informations:

We offer the LPAR tool in the form of annual subscriptions. The price is graded according to the number of LPARs (the graduation starts from 10 LPARs). The price for the annual subscription includes a license to use the LPAR tool, the possibility of obtaining updates and software support.

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The following email address is available to our customers for support inquiries: