Building your own AIX installp Packages (Part 1)

Under AIX, it is easy to build installp packages yourself. For this there is the command mkinstallp under AIX. We show a simple example using mkinstallp. More complex packages will be covered in a later article.

AIX and Run-Time Linking

Almost all today’s programs under AIX are dynamically linked, i.e. necessary libraries are loaded and bound at runtime (run-time linking). But how does a program know which libraries are needed and in which directory they can be found? What can you do if a library is not found automatically? What is the meaning of the variables LIBPATH and LD_LIBRARY_PATH?

The article describes the necessary steps to run Inventory Scout automatically on a number of systems. Then a script is shown (download available) that conveniently implements these steps. Finally, the collection of microcode levels on any number of systems is possible with a single call of the script.