AIX Talk is about videos about AIX administration, PowerHA clusters, and power virtualization. The videos are divided into the following categories depending on the topic:

  • Daily Administration (about 20 videos, about 15 hours)
  • Advanced Administration
  • Basic Virtualization
  • Basic PowerHA
  • Advanced Virtualization
  • Advanced PowerHA

In the area of ​​”AIX-Talk Free” some videos can be viewed freely.

Access to the videos in one category can be purchased for a period of one year. The videos can then be viewed as often as you like during this period. In particular, you can freshen up your knowledge by watching videos you’ve already watched at a later date. Likewise, it is natural, if you are faced with a specific task, to watch the corresponding video (even several times) which explains how the task can be performed.

For corporate customers, each user must be specified separately and unlocked. In particular it is not allowed that an account is used by more than one person.

The Daily Administration category is complete and is available for purchase.

Inquiries and orders: