AIX-Talk Free

The videos in this category are freely available. At the moment only german versions are available.


AIX-Talk: Filesystems

  • Creating jfs2 filesystems
  • Listing, changing and removing of filesystems
  • Mounting and unmounting of filesystems
  • Using the commands crfs, lsfs, chfs und rmfs
  • Introduction of the file /etc/filesystems


AIX-Talk: SRC Overview

  • Overview of the System Resource Controller

AIX-Talk: SRC Commands

  • the daemon srcmstr
  • Subsystems and subserver
  • Starting, stopping and listing of subsystems
  • Refresh of subsystems
  • Starting, stopping and listing of subservers
  • Using the commands startsrc, stopsrc, lssrc and refresh

AIX-Talk: SRC Subsystems and Subserver

  • Creating and managing of own subsystems and subserver
  • Using notify in case of problems
  • The commands mkssys, chssys and rmssys

AIX-Talk: Pagingspace

  • The task of  paging space
  • Listing, creating, changing and removing of paging space
  • The commands mkps, chps, lsps and rmps
  • The commands swapon, swapoff and swap
  • The local configuration file /etc/swapspaces