6.3.1. Configuring AME

Technically, the configuration of AME is very easy. There is the attribute mem_expansion (AME factor) in the profile of an LPAR of the aixlinux type. This attribute can have the following values:

0 - disable memory expansion
1.00 to 10.00 - memory expansion factor

The min_mem, desired_mem and max_mem attributes retain their meaning for LPARs with AME and refer to physical memory (dedicated memory) or logical memory (shared memory). When creating an LPAR, the AME factor can be specified directly on the command line:

$ lpar create -m ms02 lpar7 desired_mem=4096 mem_expansion=1.5
    > lpar7

If an existing LPAR is to use AME, the LPAR must be deactivated and the AME factor configured in the profile of the LPAR:

$ lpar -p standard chmem aix22 mem_expansion=1.2

The next time the LPAR is activated with the changed profile, AME is used.