IBM PowerVM is a virtualization solution from IBM for IBM Power Systems. The LPAR tool is a command line based tool from PowerCampus 01 for the simple administration of IBM PowerVM environments.

The aim of the manual is to introduce and explain the virtualization concepts of IBM PowerVM, as well as to show the configuration and administration of IBM PowerVM. The LPAR tool is used at all points, which means that the manual can also serve as an introduction to the LPAR tool. The focus, however, is on PowerVM virtualization.

Since this is an introduction to virtualization with PowerVM, the topics are not shown down to the last detail. The IBM documentation should be consulted for more detailed information.

The manual assumes the following:

    • basic knowledge of working on the command line of a UNIX system
    • a basic understanding of virtualization is helpful, but not required

This manual can be downloaded from the download area on the PowerCampus01 website:

Additional Information

Further information on the LPAR tool is available in the product area on the PowerCampus01 website:

More information about IBM PowerVM can be found on the IBM website: