6.2.10. Removing a Paging Devices

The LPAR shlpar1 was only created for demonstration purposes, but it is not really needed. We therefore deactivate the LPAR and then remove the associated paging device hdisk3.

$ lpar -i shutdown shlpar1

As with adding a paging device, there are also two options for removing it. Either the command “ms rmpgdev” (remove paging device) can be used, whereby in addition to the managed system, the paging virtual I/O server and the paging device must be specified:

$ ms rmpgdev ms03 ms03-vio1 hdisk3

Or the somewhat shorter, but equivalent command “vios rmpgdev” can be used:

$ vios rmpgdev ms03-vio1 hdisk3

Since there is now only one paging device, which is currently in use by LPAR aix22, the LPAR shlpar1 can of course no longer be started:

$ lpar activate shlpar1
hmc01: chsysstate -m ms03 -r lpar -o on -n shlpar1
ERROR: remote HMC command returned an error (1)
StdErr: HSCL367F The activation with current configuration of one or more partitions failed with the following error:
StdErr: Lpar 6: HSCLA435 There is not a device available in the reserved storage device pool or shared memory pool that can be the paging space for partition shlpar1. This partition requires a device with a size of at least 8192 MB. Add a device of at least that size to the pool, and try the operation again. If you want to use a smaller device, then modify the partition's profile to reduce the maximum memory setting for the partition so that it is less than or equal to the size of the available device that you want to use, then try the operation again.

The error message clearly indicates that a paging device of at least 8 GB is required to start the LPAR.