7.6.5. Removing Logical SR-IOV Ports

If a logical SR-IOV port is no longer required, it can of course also be removed again. However, the associated ent device may no longer be used in the operating system!

As an example we remove the logical port for ent2 again. If an IP address should still be configured, the standard interface en2 can be removed with the ifconfig command:

aix22 # ifconfig en2 detach
aix22 #

Then the Ethernet adapter ent2 can be removed from the operating system:

aix22 # rmdev -Rdl ent2
ent2 deleted
aix22 #

Now the associated logical port can be removed using the command “lpar rmsriov“:

$ lpar rmsriov aix22 2700c003

In addition to the LPAR, the ID of the logical port must be specified as an argument.