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Virtual Media for 7063-CR2

An extremely useful feature of the BMC of the 7063-CR2 HMC is the ability to make an ISO image available to the HMC via a browser. This means that service packs or recovery images can be made available as virtual media on the HMC. The HMC can then also boot from such a medium.

In order to provide an ISO image as virtual media, “Server control” and then “Virtual Media” must be selected in the OpenBMC GUI.

OpenBMC GUI - server control
OpenBMC GUI - server control

In the “Virtual media” view, an ISO image can be selected using the “Choose file” button. The ISO image must first be stored on the system on which the browser was started. The ISO image is recognized as a device on the HMC and can be used there.

OpenBMC GUI - Virtual media
OpenBMC GUI - Virtual media

In the file selection dialog that appears, you must then navigate to the correct directory with the desired ISO image. Then the ISO image must be selected and the selection can be accepted by pressing the “Open” button.

OpenBMC GUI - ISO image choose dialog
OpenBMC GUI - ISO image choose dialog

The selected ISO image is displayed as “Virtual media device“, in the example shown, this is the ISO image HMC_Recovery_V9R2M950_CR2_ppc.iso. Access from the HMC to the ISO image can be started by pressing the “Start” button.

OpenBMC GUI - start virtual media session
OpenBMC GUI - start virtual media session

Once access has started, “Active Session” will be displayed. The HMC’s access to the ISO image can be stopped using the “Stop” button.

OpenBMC GUI - active virtual media session
OpenBMC GUI - active virtual media session

If the HMC operating system is not active, the virtual media is visible in Petitboot. It will appear in the top panel as a USB device (sdb):

Petitboot (v1.13)                                             7063-CR2 787F2CE
  [Disk: sda2 / 72f367a3-3dbb-4d77-9e0a-41536c6ea57b]
    Hardware Management Console
  [USB: sdb / 6077dfaf000b1e9d]
    Install Hardware Management Console

  System information
  System configuration
  System status log
  Rescan devices
  Retrieve config from URL
  Plugins (0)
*Exit to shell                                     

Enter=accept, e=edit, n=new, x=exit, l=language, g=log, h=help

After enabling access in the OpenBMC GUI, it may take a minute or two before the device is visible. If it is still not visible, you can start a new scan for devices using the “Rescan devices” menu item.

If the HMC is active, the virtual medium can be displayed using the “hmc lsmediadev” command:

$ hmc lsmediadev hmc03
/dev/sda   6     -            disk drive   -
/dev/sdb1  3     /media/sdb1  USB device   HMC-9.2.950.0

In the LABEL column you can see that this is the recovery image for version V9R2M950 (HMC-9.2.950.0).