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All HMCs known to the LPAR-Tool are stored in the hmc.list file in the user’s home directory. In addition to the name of the HMC, the serial number and the HMC model, the host name used by the LPAR-Tool for SSH access and optionally the user name to be used on the HMC (if this is different from the local user name) are also stored:

$ cat ~/hmc.list

By registering once with the hmc add command, an HMC is added to this list. The list can be updated with the hmc rescan command. If an HMC has been removed, or if an HMC is no longer to be managed via the LPAR-Tool, then the HMC can be removed from this list using the hmc remove command.

The file is created and managed by the LPAR-Tool, so it should not be edited manually!