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All managed systems known to the LPAR-Tool are stored in the ms.list file in the user’s home directory. The name, the serial number and the type of managed system are also stored there. In addition, the associated HMCs (with name and serial number) are stored for each managed system:

$ cat ~/ms.list

The managed systems of an HMC are saved in the ms.list file when the HMC is registered using the hmc add command. When using hmc rescan, the information about the managed systems is updated. If an HMC is deregistered using hmc remove, the assignment to the associated managed systems is corrected in ms.list. If a managed system no longer has a registered HMC, then the managed system is removed from the ms.list file and is no longer accessible for the LPAR-Tool.

The ms.list file is managed by the LPAR-Tool and should therefore not be edited manually!