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lpar lsaccel

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The assigned Hardware Accelerator Quantity of Service Credits can be displayed with the command “lpar lsaccel”:

   lpar [-h <hmc>] [-m <ms>] lsaccel [{-o <format>|-f|-j|-y}] [-F <fields>] [-s <selections>] [-v] [<lpar> ...]

The credits can be displayed for one, several or all LPARs:

$ lpar -m ms25 lsaccel
aix01  gzip  14        14
aix02   gzip  22        22

Note: All LPARs on the managed system ms25 are displayed with assigned credits.

Credits can be dynamically assigned to an LPAR using the “lpar chaccel” command.

The command “ms lsaccel” can be used to show the maximum available and still available credits of a managed system.