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ms lsaccel

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The “ms lsaccel” command can be used to display the maximum number of Hardware Accelerator Quantity of Service credits as well as the credits still available:

   ms [-h <hmc>] lsaccel [-o <format>] [{-f|-j|-y}] [-F <fields>] [-s <selections>] [-v] [<ms> ...]

The credits can be displayed for one, several or all managed systems:

$ ms lsaccel ms25 ms26 ms27 ms28
hmc01: lshwres -r accel -m ms27 --level sys
WARN: remote HMC command returned an error (1)
StdErr: HSCLC014 Managed system ms27 does not support hardware accelerators.
ms25  gzip  128      12              12
ms26  gzip  128      128             128
ms27  -     -        -               -
ms28  gzip  256      256             256

Note: The managed system ms27 does not support hardware accelerators.

Credits can be dynamically assigned to an LPAR using the “lpar chaccel” command. To view the credits assigned to one (or more) LPARs, the command “lpar lsaccel” can be used.