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Processor Mode for LPARs

On POWER9 Managed Systems, the processor mode POWER9_base is used by default for LPARs. However, this does not support the use of NX accelerators. To use NX accelerators, processor mode POWER9 must be used.

On POWER10 Managed Systems, the Default Processor Mode (POWER10) supports the NX Accelerator by default.

The processor mode of LPARs can be displayed using the command “lpar lsattr”:

$ lpar lsattr  -F "name:desired_lpar_proc_compat_mode:curr_lpar_proc_compat_mode" aix01 aix02 aix03

To change the processor mode, an LPAR must be shut down. The desired processor mode can then be configured in the LPAR profile using the “lpar chattr” command:

$ lpar -p standard chattr aix01 lpar_proc_compat_mode=POWER9

The LPAR must then be activated by specifying the changed profile:

$ lpar activate -p standard aix01