7.7.2. Changing a vNIC Adapter

Each vNIC adapter has a number of attributes that can be set when creating the vNIC adapter, see “lpar help addvnic”. However, some of the attributes can also be changed online after the vNIC adapter has been created, e.g.:

    • port_vlan_id – The VLAN ID of untagged packets.
    • pvid_priority – Priority of untagged packets (QoS), possible values 0 to 7 with the default 0.

Other attributes can only be changed in the profile, such as:

    • allowed_vlan_ids – List of allowed VLAN IDs
    • mac_addr – The MAC address to use. In general, the automatically assigned MAC address should be used.

The attributes of a vNIC adapter can be changed with the command “lpar chvnic” (change vNIC adapter):

$ lpar chvnic aix22 6 pvid_priority=1 port_vlan_id=1200 

In the example, the QoS priority was set to 1 and the PVID to 1200. If changes are only to be made in the profile of the LPAR, the “-p” option must be used with the profile name.

A complete list of all changeable attributes is given in the online help (“lpar help chvnic“).