6.3.4. Changing the AME Factor

With an existing RMC connection to the HMCs, the AME factor of an LPAR can be changed dynamically. To do this, the “lpar chmem” command can simply be used to specify the new desired AME factor in the form of the mem_expansion attribute:

$ lpar chmem aix22 mem_expansion=1.2

If AME is to be turned off, however, this is again only possible by changing the profile:

$ lpar -p standard chmem aix22 mem_expansion=0

The LPAR must then be reactivated with the changed profile.

If the LPAR cannot be deactivated, the AME factor can also be set to the value 1.0. This means that AME itself is not completely deactivated, but memory pages are no longer compressed.