3. Components of a PowerVM Environment

In addition to the POWER systems, a PowerVM environment typically also has so-called Hardware Management Consoles (HMC). The Hardware Management Console (HMC) is a dedicated hardware appliance, but since recently it can also be a virtual appliance (vHMC). Each POWER system can be connected to one or two HMCs. The POWER systems and LPARs are then administered via the HMC. Several POWER systems can be connected to a single HMC. This allows the administration of many POWER systems to be centralized via a few HMCs.

PowerVM Environment
Figure 1.2: PowerVM Environment

Each POWER system has 2 special HMC ports for connecting up to 2 HMCs. Figure 1.2 shows 3 POWER systems, each of which is connected to both HMCs. The HMC and POWER system are connected to one another via private networks. External access to the HMCs is via a public network.