3.3. PowerVC

PowerVC is an advanced virtualization and cloud management solution. PowerVC is based on OpenStack and is intended to simplify the management and deployment of AIX, IBM i and Linux on Power systems.

The LPAR tool is not fully compatible with PowerVC (at least in the current version). The LPAR tool can still be used on systems managed by PowerVC, but there are some limitations:

    • Some commands cannot be called or return an error when called.
    • Some commands cannot be called with all options and arguments, or have to be called with certain options and arguments.

This is because on HMCs that are managed by PowerVC, a so-called co-management mode is used, which brings a number of restrictions to the commands on the HMC.

Regardless of this, however, the use of the LPAR tool can also be useful in PowerVC environments, since the LPAR tool can deliver a lot of information faster and more easily.