8.6.8. Extending a File Storage Pool

Extending a file storage pool is easier for the administrator than extending a logical volume storage pool. All that is required is sufficient free capacity in the associated logical volume storage pool. A file storage pool can easily be extended with the command “vios chsp“, whereby the storage capacity to be added must be specified:

$ vios chsp ms05-vio1 filepool +5g

In the example, the storage pool filepool has been extended by 5 GB:

$ vios lssp ms05-vio1
POOL      TYPE    SIZE       FREE       ALLOC      BDS
rootvg    LVPOOL  558.00 GB   53.00 GB  512.00 MB  0
filepool  FBPOOL   14.94 GB   13.94 GB  512.00 MB  1

The capacity has grown from 9.96 GB to 14.94 GB.