8. Virtual I/O Server

The previous topics so far, were mainly about LPARs, respectively the virtual guest systems or VMs. However, many of the virtualization options presented, require one (or more) virtual I/O servers. Virtual I/O ultimately has to use physical I/O adapters, which are then typically assigned to virtual I/O servers. This chapter therefore deals with topics related to virtual I/O servers.

8.1. Planing and Creation of a Virtual I/O Server

8.2. Installation of a Virtual I/O Server

8.2.1. Installation using a CD or DVD

8.3. Device Management

8.3.1. Viewing Available Devices

8.3.2. Adding Devices

8.3.3. Changing Devices

8.3.4. Removing Devices

8.4. Error Report

8.5. Shared Ethernet Adapter

8.5.1. SEA without VLAN Tagging

8.5.2. SEA with VLAN Tagging

8.5.3. Some SEA Attributes

8.5.4. Configuring an IP Address on a SEA

8.5.5. Adding and Removing VLANs (not HA)

8.5.6. Adding and Removing Trunking Adapters (not HA)

8.5.7. Removing a Shared Ethernet Adapter (not HA)

8.5.8. HA-SEA with Failover

8.5.9. Creating SEAs with HA Mode (HA-SEA)

8.5.10. HA-Modes auto and standby

8.5.11. Adding and Removing VLANs (HA-SEA)

8.5.12. Adding and Removing Trunking Adapters (HA-SEA)

8.5.13. Removing HA-SEAs

8.5.14. HA-SEA with Load Sharing

8.5.15. Creation of SEAs with Load Sharing

8.5.16. Adding and Removing VLANs (Load Sharing)

8.5.17. Adding and Removing Trunking Adapters (Load Sharing)

8.5.18. Changing the HA Mode between Failover and Load Sharing

8.5.19. Deleting SEAs (Load Sharing)

8.6. Storage Pools

8.6.1. Creation of a Logical Volume Storage Pool

8.6.2. Creation of Backing Devices

8.6.3. Extending a Backing Device

8.6.4. Removing a Backing Device

8.6.5. Extending and Reducing a Logical Volume Storage Pool

8.6.6. Deleting a Logical Volume Storage Pool

8.6.7. Creating a File Storage Pool

8.6.8. Extending a File Storage Pool

8.6.9. Deleting a File Storage Pool

Virtual Media Repository

Creating a Virtual Media Repository

Creation of Virtual Media

Copying a Physical Optical Disk

Copying ISO-Images

Creating an Empty Virtual Medium

Changing Virtual Media

Extending the Virtual Media Repository

Creating Virtual Optical Devices

Loading and Unloading Virtual Media

Deleting Virtual Optical Devices

Deleting Virtual Media

Deleting a Virtual Media Repository

8.8. Link Aggregations