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After an LPAR has been remotely restarted on a target managed system via (Simplified) Remote Restart, the original LPAR remains on the no longer accessible source managed system. Once the problems on the source managed system have been resolved, the original LPAR should be deleted. The auto_cleanup_enabled attribute can be used to configure whether this cleanup action should be carried out automatically by the HMC.

Possible values for auto_cleanup_enabled are:

0 - no automatic cleanup by the HMC
1 - automatic cleanup by the HMC (this is the default)

The automatic cleanup is started when the managed system is back in the state Operating and all virtual I/O server partitions, which have server adapters for VSCSI and VFC for the client LPAR, are running and have an active RMC connection to the HMC.

The current setting can be viewed with hmc lsrr. The attribute can be changed using hmc chrr.