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Reinstalling the HMC

A complete reinstallation of an HMC usually does not happen very often. Some situations in which a new installation is necessary or desired are the following:

    • A new HMC is installed with an older HMC version.
    • The HMC does not boot and there is no backup of the HMC.
    • An HMC should be reconfigured completely; a new installation prevents the old configuration from being adopted.

There are two fundamentally different ways to reinstall: using an HMC recovery image or using HMC network images. For the installation with recovery image, local access to the HMC is required, i.e. the installation is carried out directly on the physical HMC. With 7063-CR1 and 7063-CR2 HMCs, access can also be done remotely via the BMC. Installation with network images can always be done remotely, but requires that the HMC is active and functional.

The various options are shown in more detail below using concrete examples.