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Listing RPM Packages

Installed and/or available RPM packages can be displayed with the YUM command “yum list”. By default, all installed and all available RPM packages are listed:

aix01 # yum list
Installed Packages
AIX-rpm.ppc                               installed         
bash.ppc                                   5.1.4-2           @AIX_Toolbox      
bzip2.ppc                                  1.0.8-2           @AIX_Toolbox      
ca-certificates.ppc                        2016.10.7-2       installed         

Available Packages
CUnit.ppc                                  2.1.3-1           AIX_Toolbox       
CUnit-devel.ppc                            2.1.3-1           AIX_Toolbox       
GeoIP.ppc                                  1.6.12-1          AIX_Toolbox       

aix01 #

The output can be restricted to certain RPM packages, using shell wildcards (globbing) in the package names:

aix01 # yum list sqlit*
Installed Packages
sqlite.ppc                                         3.32.3-1                                   @AIX_Toolbox
sqlite-devel.ppc                                   3.32.3-1                                   @AIX_Toolbox
sqlite-doc.ppc                                     3.28.0-1                                   @AIX_Toolbox
Available Packages
sqlite.ppc                                         3.35.5-1                                   AIX_Toolbox
sqlite-devel.ppc                                   3.35.5-1                                   AIX_Toolbox
sqlite-doc.ppc                                     3.35.5-1                                   AIX_Toolbox
aix01 #

If you only want to list the installed RPM packages, the keyword “installed” can be used:

aix01 # yum list installed
Installed Packages
AIX-rpm.ppc                                               installed                   
bash.ppc                                     5.1.4-2                         @AIX_Toolbox                
bzip2.ppc                                    1.0.8-2                         @AIX_Toolbox                
ca-certificates.ppc                          2016.10.7-2                     installed                   
coreutils.ppc                                8.29-3                          @AIX_Toolbox                
aix01 #

The last column shows which of the repositories the RPM package comes from. The repository ID is preceded by the “@” character. The value “installed” means that the RPM package does not come from any of the repositories. This can be used to quickly identify installed RPM packages that were not installed via one of the repositories.

The output can also be restricted here by specifying package names with or without wildcards.

The RPM packages available for the system can be listed using the keyword “available“, here e.g. all available RPM packages whose package name begins with “sudo“:

aix01 # yum list available sudo\*
Available Packages
sudo.ppc                                          1.9.5p2-1                                    AIX_Toolbox
sudo_ids.ppc                                      1.9.5p2-1                                    AIX_Toolbox
sudo_noldap.ppc                                   1.9.5p2-1                                    AIX_Toolbox
aix01 #

The list of available updates for installed RPM packages is often also interesting. These can be listed with the help of the keyword “updates“:

aix01 # yum list updates
Updated Packages
ca-certificates.ppc                               2020.06.01-2                              AIX_Toolbox  
coreutils.ppc                                     8.32-1                                    AIX_Toolbox  
curl.ppc                                          7.79.1-1                                  AIX_Toolbox  
cyrus-sasl.ppc                                    2.1.26-5                                  AIX_Toolbox  

aix01 #

Note: Alternatively, “yum check-update” can also be used.

If you need further information on one or more RPM packages, the “info” command can be used instead of the “list” command. Additional information such as description, license, size of the package, etc. is then displayed for each RPM package.

Here is an example with specification of a specific package name (all of the above examples also work with “info“):

aix01 # yum info zip
Installed Packages
Name        : zip
Arch        : ppc
Version     : 3.0
Release     : 4
Size        : 911 k
Repo        : installed
From repo   : AIX_Toolbox
Summary     : A file compression and packaging utility compatible with PKZIP
URL         : http://www.info-zip.org/pub/infozip/
License     : BSD-like
Description : The zip program is a compression and file packaging utility. Zip is analogous
            : to a combination of the UNIX tar and compress commands and is compatible with
            : PKZIP (a compression and file packaging utility for MS-DOS systems).
            : Install the zip package if you need to compress files using the zip program.
            : This version support crypto encryption.

aix01 #