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Configuring Existing Repositories

Repositories that are to be used by YUM must either be configured in /opt/freeware/etc/yum/yum.conf, or a repo file (file extension “.repo“) must be created for the repository in the directory /opt/freeware/etc/yum/repos.d. The files use the so-called ini format, whereby a repository is configured as a section. The repository ID (repo id) serves as the section name.

At least the two attributes name (name of the repository) and baseurl (URL where the repository can be found) must be configured for each repository. Further attributes are optional. Example:

name=Some name for this repository

repositoryid – The repositoryid may not contain any spaces and may only appear a single time.

name – full name of the repository (may contain spaces)

baseurl – URL for the directory of the repository, must begin with “file: //“, “ftp: //“, “http: //” or “https: //“.