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The LPAR tool can be downloaded from the download section of our website: www.powercampus.de/download or www.powercampus01.com/download. Versions are available for the AIX, Linux (x86) and MacOS operating systems.

For all supported derivatives there is a version as a compressed tar file (compressed with gzip):

pwrcmps.lpar.rte.1.X.Y.Z.aix.tar.gz      - AIX tar Format
pwrcmps-lpar-rte-1.X.Y-Z.x86_64.tar.gz - Linux x86 tar Format
pwrcmps.lpar.rte.1.X.Y.Z.mac.tar.gz. - MacOS tar Format

The tar files can be unpacked anywhere.

For AIX and Linux (x86) additional versions are available in the package formats of the corresponding operating systems (also compressed with gzip):

pwrcmps.lpar.rte.1.X.Y.Z.bff.gz          - AIX BFF Format
pwrcmps-lpar-rte-1.X.Y-Z.x86_64.rpm.gz - Linux x86 RPM Format

The BFF or RPM files can be installed with installp (AIX) or rpm (Linux).

Download the version that suits your operating system and save it on the system on which you want to use the LPAR-Tool. Always use the latest version.