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The hmc Command

All operations that relate directly to an HMC are carried out in the LPAR tool with the hmc command. For most commands, the name of an HMC must be specified as the first argument after the options and the keyword.

To view the LPAR tool version:

$ hmc -V
Version: (20230828)
Copyright (c) 2018-2023 by PowerCampus 01 GmbH
Copyright (c) 2006-2018 Dr. Armin Schmidt

The command hmc has currently ( or later) more than 100 subcommands.

Run the command hmc without any argument to get a list of all available subcommands.

To get an online help page directly on the shell, type “hmc help <subcommand>“.

We have just started to create this additional documentation for each of these subcommands. Currently these are documented in the LPAR-Tool itself (by using the subcommand help) and in the following documentation:

Practical Introduction

Advanced Administration

The Hardware Management Console

These guides have the focus on PowerVM and they show how to adminster PowerVM using the LPAR-Tool. We felt that an additional documentation of the commands with the focus on the LPAR-Tool commands themselves would be helpfull as a reference.

So check back regularly to see more and more subcommands described in detail here!