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hmc show

The “hmc show” command can be used to display basic information, such as serial number and model, for one or more HMCs:

hmc show [<hmc> …]

If the command is called without any further arguments, all HMCs that are known to the LPAR-Tool are displayed:

$ hmc show
hmc01   696F2AC     7063-CR2
hmc02   696F2BC     7063-CR2
vhmc01  8a53b06     Vf17-f64

However, one or more HMCs can also be explicitly specified as arguments. The output then only contains these HMCs:

$ hmc show hmc01 hmc02
hmc01  696F2AC     7063-CR2
hmc02  696F2BC     7063-CR2

The information displayed comes from the hmc.list file in the user’s home directory. The data is not queried live from the HMCs when using the “hmc show” command. Normally this information should always be correct, as the serial number and model do not usually change. However, the data can be easily updated at any time by executing the hmc rescan command.