8.2. Installation of a Virtual I/O Server

The software for installing the virtual I/O server can be obtained from the Entitled Software Support (ESS) website from IBM (https://www.ibm.com/eserver/ess). At the current time (May 31, 2021) the following ISO images for version (DVD) and (Flash) where available for download:

    • Virtual_IO_Server_Base_Install_3.1.2.20_DVD_1_of_2_042021_LCD8250106.iso
    • Virtual_IO_Server_Base_Install_3.1.2.20_DVD_2_of_2_042021_LCD8250206.iso.ZIP
    • Virtual_IO_Server_Base_Install_3.1.2.21_Flash_042021_LCD8250307.iso

The DVD images can be burned to a DVD under AIX with the burn_cd command, the flash image can be copied to a USB stick with the dd command.

The following shows the various installation options.