2.3. License for the LPAR tool

As a commercial product, the LPAR tool requires a license that must be entered in a file on the target system (/opt/pwrcmps/etc/lpar.lic or ~/.lpar.lic). The LPAR tool may not be used productively without a valid subscription (contains a license).

The LPAR tool can also be used for test and evaluation purposes without a valid subscription. To make this as easy as possible, the latest version contains a time-limited test license. This means that the software can be tried out immediately after the download and installation without having to request a license. The integrated test license has a limited validity of usually 2 months from the build date of the version. On the download page it is noted until when the integrated test license is valid.

The integrated test license supports up to 10 HMCs, up to 100 managed systems and up to 1000 LPARs.

For more extensive tests, it is possible to request a trial license.