2.2. Downloading the LPAR tool

The LPAR tool can be downloaded from the download area of the website https://powercampus.de or https://powercampus01.com. Depending on the operating system, there are one or two versions of the LPAR tool.

AIX: For the AIX operating system, the LPAR tool can be downloaded either as a tar file or as a BFF fileset. If you don’t want to install the LPAR tool permanently, but only want to try it out once, it is advisable to download the version as a tar file. This can be unpacked at any place (e.g. in your own home directory).

Linux (x86): For Linux there is also a version as a tar file and an RPM package. Here, too, we recommend using the tar file for a test installation.

MacOS: For the Mac there is currently only one version as a tar file that can be extracted at any location.

If the BFF fileset or the RPM package is installed, the LPAR tool can be found in the /opt/pwrcmps/bin directory on the target system.