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Enabling Call Home for Managed Systems

Managed systems that are managed by one (or two) HMCs can perform call home via the associated HMCs. To do this, at least one of the HMCs must be configured as a call home server.

The command “ms lscallhome” can be used to display whether call home is enabled or not. For each HMC it is stated whether Call Home is enabled through this HMC or not (column CALLHOME HMC1 and HMC2):

$ ms lscallhome
ms11  17G6G7S     Disabled  Disabled
ms12  07G6G8R     Enabled   Enabled
ms13  323B31V     Enabled   Enabled
ms14  323B31V     Enabled   Enabled


Call home can be enabled for a managed system using the command “ms enablecallhome”:

$ ms enablecallhome ms11

If a managed system has 2 HMCs, call home for the managed system is enabled on both HMCs:

$ ms lscallhome
ms11  17G6G7S     Enabled  Enabled
ms12  07G6G8R     Enabled  Enabled
ms13  323B31V     Enabled  Enabled
ms14  323B31V     Enabled  Enabled


If you want to temporarily disable Call Home, e.g. due to maintenance work, you can do this with “ms disablecallhome”:

$ ms disablecallhome ms11

At the end of the maintenance work, Call Home should be enabled again!

If you want to enable (or disable) call home for all managed systems of an HMC, you can use the “-a” (all managed systems) option of the “hmc enablecallhome” (or “hmc disablecallhome”) command:

$ hmc disablecallhome -a hmc01

If Call Home is enabled via the second HMC, then it remains enabled there:

$ ms lscallhome
ms11  17G6G7S     Disabled  Enabled
ms12  07G6G8R     Disabled  Enabled
ms13  323B31V     Disabled  Enabled
ms14  323B31V     Disabled  Enabled


Note: Please note that Call Home is then also enabled or disabled for the HMC itself!