2.1. Requirements

The LPAR tool uses OpenSSH to connect to the HMCs, i.e. a working version of OpenSSH must be installed on the target system.

In order that PowerVM can be administered with the LPAR tool, the HMCs to be administered must be accessible from the target system via OpenSSH. This means that if a firewall is used between the target system and the HMC, OpenSSH must be enabled from the target system to the HMC.

To use the LPAR tool, a valid account on the HMC is required. If desired, the hscroot account can also be used. However, the recommendation is that all users should use their own HMC account.

If DLPAR operations or Live Partition Mobility are to be used, the LPARs must have an active RMC connection to the HMCs. Without this requirement, PowerVM cannot perform these operations (this is a limitation of PowerVM).