2.4.1. The Command hmc

The available HMCs can be managed with the hmc command. The administration of users on the HMCs as well as the administration of roles (task and resource roles) are covered. In addition, a large amount of information from the HMCs can be displayed. A complete list of the functions can be obtained by starting the command without arguments:

$ hmc
hmc [<option> ...] <keyword> [<option> ...] [<argument> ...]
hmc -L|-V

Recognized keywords:
add - Register HMC(s) with LPAR tool
addauthkeys - Add an authorized SSH key
chhmcfs - Free space in HMC file systems
chhmcusr - Change attributes of HMC user account
chresourcerole - Change managed resource role
chtaskrole - Change managed task role
chsvcevent - Update serviceable event on HMC
cmd - Execute command on HMC
connections - Display state of ssh master connections
disconnect - Exit a ssh master connection
flrt - Show FLRT report
history - Show state or configuration changes
list - List names of specified HMC(s)
lsauthkeys - List authorized SSH keys
lshmcfs - List HMC file system information
lshmcusr - Show HMC user accounts
lslic - List LIC levels available in hard disk repository
lslogon - Show logon informations for HMC
lslparmigr - List partiton mobility capabilities
lsnet - Display HMC network configuration
lsresource - Show all managed resource objects on the specified HMC
lsresourcerole - Show managed resource roles on the specified HMC
lssvcevents - Displays console or serviceable events
lssysconn - List all systems connected to the specified HMC
lstaskrole - Show managed task roles on the specified HMC
mkhmcusr - Create HMC user account
mkresourcerole - Create managed resource role
mktaskrole - Create managed task role
passwd - Change password
remove - Unregister HMC(s) from LPAR tool
rescan - Rereads cached informations from HMC(s)
rmauthkeys - Remove an authorized SSH key
rmhmcusr - Remove HMC user account
rmresourcerole - Remove managed resource role
rmtaskrole - Remove managed task role
show - Show specified HMC(s)
shutdown - Shut down or reboot
termtask - Terminate a task
version - Shows the HMC software version
help [{<category>|<keyword>|usage}]