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Setting up the HMC

A new HMC is always preinstalled. However, the installed HMC version does not necessarily have to be the latest version. If this is the case, you can either set up the HMC first and then carry out an update ( Update der HMC ) or upgrade ( Upgrade der HMC ), or you can first do a new installation ( Reinstalling the HMC ) to the desired version and then set up the HMC.

Since the HMC does not have an IP configuration before initial setup, setup cannot be performed remotely. However, the POWER HMCs 7062-CR1 and 7062-CR2 offer the option of accessing the keyboard, screen and mouse (KVM) via the built-in BMC.

The LPAR tool cannot be used for initial setup as it requires a working SSH login to the HMC.