/usr/sbin/rpm_share[440]: 36044986 Illegal instruction

The above error message showed up during the installation of an RPM package:

# rpm -U db4-4.7.25-2.aix5.1.ppc.rpm 
/usr/sbin/rpm_share[440]: 36044986 Illegal instruction
rpm_share: 0645-007 ATTENTION: get_rpm_inst_root_list() returned an unexpected result.
rpm_share: 0645-007 ATTENTION: update_inst_root() returned an unexpected result.

The rpm-command no longer works, a rebuild of the RPM database is therefore not possible anymore:

# rpm --rebuilddb
/usr/sbin/rpm_share[470]: 22478966 Illegal instruction

Reinstalling the fileset rpm.rte fixes the problem:

# installp -acFXYd . rpm.rte
                    Pre-installation Verification...


Installation Summary
Name                        Level           Part        Event       Result
rpm.rte                   USR         APPLY       SUCCESS    
rpm.rte                   ROOT        APPLY       SUCCESS

Afterwards the rpm-command works again:

# rpm -qa


LPAR tool is available now

Starting from  5th november 2018 the LPAR-Tool is officially available.

A version for Linux can be downloaded from the download area (versions for AIX and MacOS will follow soon). A user guide is in preparation.

To test the LPAR tool free of charge:

  1. Download the current version of the LPAR tool from the download area.
  2. Request a trial license.
  3. Install the LPAR tool.

Have fun testing the LPAR tool.

Ab 05.11.2018 ist das LPAR-Tool nun offiziell verfügbar!