Error when deleting a SEA

The following SEA on a virtual I/O server is no longer required:

$ lsdev -dev ent48
name             status      description
ent48            Available   Shared Ethernet Adapter

Attempting to delete the SEA using rmvdev fails with the following error message:

$ rmvdev -sea ent48

Some error messages may contain invalid information
for the Virtual I/O Server environment.

Method error (/usr/lib/methods/ucfgcommo):
        0514-062 Cannot perform the requested function because the
                 specified device is busy.


The SEA is still in use. One possibility is the use of LLDP. This can be checked with the lsdev command:

$ lsdev -dev ent48 -attr lldpsvc


In this case LLDP is active on the SEA and must first be stopped before the SEA can be deleted. Stopping LLDP on the SEA can be easily done by changing the lldpsvc attribute to the value “no“:

$ chdev -dev ent48 -attr lldpsvc=no
ent48 changed

Another attempt to delete the SEA ent48 is now successful:

$ rmvdev -sea ent48
ent48 deletedError deleting a SEA

More information on SEAs can be found here: Shared Ethernet Adapter

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