IBM PowerVM: Add a virtual Ethernet adapter to an LPAR

A virtual Ethernet adapter is to be added to the LPAR aix01 with IBM PowerVM. The data in detail:

    • HMC: hmc01
    • managed system: ms25
    • LPAR: aix01
    • profile: standard
    • virtual slot number: 4
    • Port-VLAN-ID: 900
    • virtual Ethernet switch: ETHERNET0(default)
    • additional VLANs: none

The command on the associated HMC hmc01 is:

hscroot@hmc01:~> chhwres -m ms25 -r virtualio --rsubtype eth -o a -p aix01 -s 2 -a 'ieee_virtual_eth=0,port_vlan_id=900'

If the currently used profile of the LPAR is not automatically synchronized, then the additional virtual Ethernet adapter should also be added to the profile:

hscroot@hmc01:~> chsyscfg -r prof -m ms25 -i 'lpar_name=aix01,name=standard,"virtual_eth_adapters+=""4/0/900///0"""'

With our LPAR tool, the command to use looks like this:

$ lpar addeth aix01 4 900

The current profile is automatically adjusted.

Detailed information on the LPAR tool and virtual Ethernet adapters can be found here: Virtual Ethernet

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